Orbit Wheel Skates New Orbit Wheel (red&white)


The roller rink hasn’t seen anything like this before. Your kid wants to be the next big thing in extreme sports. You want to avoid a skateboard-inflicted trip to the emergency room. Orbit Wheel Skates let you meet in the middle.

Orbitwheel — a new concept for wheeled sports

Combining the lateral movement of a skateboard, the inline action of Rollerblades, and the liberty and convenience of Freeline skates, seems like an impossible feat. Until now! Introducing the Orbitwheels, a skate so great you’ll want to take it everywhere!

The Orbit Wheel Skates are two large wheels, one rotates around each foot. Fold the platform into the wheel for easy and compact storage or carrying in hand or in your bag. When you’re ready to ride, just snap the platform in place, put your foot in the wheel, and away you go! The large radius of the wheel allows you to ride on a variety of different surfaces.

An all new connecting band makes learning to use the Orbit Wheel Skates easier than ever. And after you’ve mastered the wave-like propulsion you can remove the band for amazing freedom of movement.

Product size:750*220*35MM

Color: black, blue and red
Outer wheel material:PU
Outer wheel size: Dia(220)*35mm
Inner wheel material:Aluminum
Pedal material: Aluminum
Other parts material:steel& ABS

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