A brand new concept for wheeled sports. Like a cross between a skateboard and inline skates, but with more freedom and simplicity than either, the orbitwheel is a brand new concept for wheeled sports. The design is simple: two feet, two wheels … and you are ready to go. Orbitwheel concept is basic, but with the wheels spinning around your feet, you are capable of countless tricks and maneuvers that can be as complex and creative as you can come up with. With orbitwheel minimalistic design, fun and transportation have never been so portable and convenient. The large wheel radius enables you to enjoy the Wheelblazer in a variety of different surfaces. The two thin, light wheels require no folding down or ?? apart, making them easy to slip into a backpack or carry in your hand. And when you’re ready to get going again, you do not need to fuss with buckles and flaps – just step into the hoops and take off.

orbit wheel

Here’s no need to fuss with buckles and velcro closure systems –– just slip your feet into the stirrups on each hoop and skate away.

A connecting band accessory that attaches between the two individual wheels makes learning easy. After you have mastered the wave-like propulsion, you can remove the band for more freedom and range of movement.

orbit wheel

A team of group creat this brand new sports. Thanks for their hard working!

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