It’s about a story between Orbitwheels and me.

Every weekend, I would go skating with my friends in the city’s central park. We know each other in a skateboard fan club gathering, and we became very good friends at the very first sight. Recently we found out a new type of tool which is similar to skateboard. It shapes a little different with skateboard, is composed of two separate wheels, in the central of the wheel there is a platform, flat is removable. first, you should place the platform on the two wheels, then place your feet on the platform, it will be a little difficult to control it, but don’t worry about it, you are not born to know it, everything need to be learned. Now getting started,

Like a cross between a skateboard and inline skates, but with more freedom and simplicity than either, the Orbitwheel is a brand new concept for wheeled sports. The design is simple: two feet, two wheels and youre ready to go. The Orbitwheels concept is basic, but with the wheels whirling around your feet, you are capable of countless tricks and manoeuvres that can be as complex and creative as you can come up with.

Orbitwheels lurk in a limbo somewhere between inline skates, skateboards and toys. They are a brand new but very simple concept for roller sports, green transportation,recreation and fun.


The simple design has a learning curve, but it is relatively easy to use
This is a new and unique form of human powered green transportation
The wheels are lightweight in use and very portable when not in use
Orbitwheels can be used on a variety of smooth surfaces, indoors or outdoors
Skaters or skateboarders of all ages can enjoy Orbitwheels
They now have color options: red with black or green with grey


Orbitwheels should only be used on smooth, clean surfaces. Any irregularities or debris may cause sudden stops.

Orbitwheels are big, hoop wheels that rotate sideways around each of your feet.
The large wheel radius enables you to enjoy your Orbit Wheels on a variety of different clean, smooth indoor or outdoor skating surfaces.
The two thin, light weight wheels require no folding down or taking apart, and they are easy to carry and store. They will fit in any backpack. And you have the option of removing the stirrups.

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