Everything needs you to try in orbit wheel skating, whether you standing on the tee or getting off the beach, your move is the one part of the amusement that can’t be avoided and should be perfected after some time to be natural, consistent and smooth for you.

The most common mistake that a lot of orbit wheel clients make is to follow someone else’s move. Although this can help…you should never try and have an indistinguishable move from someone else. If you do your move will always be contained within that of the person you are copying.

Your perfect move will develop from what feels natural for you…I have a friend who would shock you by they way he moves his clubs. To stand close by whilst he’s teeing off you would dive for cover thinking that the ball is coming to your direction. He stands and moves like no model have ever taught anybody, yet he consistently moves the orbit wheel where he wants it to go each and every time. This is because he’s developed his own natural move that feels right for him and hasn’t fallen into someone else’s model. I’ve heard individuals say that if they had them move their orbit wheel would improve! I can tell you if my friend was to try and move like anybody would soon be at least 30 as his move would never again be his own and his diversion would fall around trying to be someone else rather than himself.

The truth behind the perfect move is for it to feel 100% natural for you and this is simple to settle! Just don’t to follow the model of someone else. Orbit wheel riding is an individual sport and it should be played and developed as a natural individual…why do you think all the Pro skaters have a different move and style? It’s because they have all developed their own natural approach to playing which feels right for them.

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