The Orbit wheel is another idea for wheeled games and the thought is basic: two feet, two wheels… and you’re prepared to go!

Orbit wheels are a combination of a skateboard and a couple of inline skates, joining the best highlights of each. To ride, simply venture into the empty wheels, which enclose and turn sideways around each of your feet. Utilizing a cadenced wave movement, each foot moves autonomously, permitting you the flexibility to turn and quicken in uncommon ways.

Taking in the Orbit wheel wave impetus system is agreeable and testing. When you ace the nuts and bolts, you’ll see that Orbit wheels are intended for astonishing traps and turns that appear to challenge the laws of material science. Catch the Orbit wheel wave!

The Orbit wheel is, basically, a substantial wheel that turns sideways around your foot. Superior to skateboards, Orbit wheels are self-impelled by the rider’s wave-like movement so the need to push off the ground each couple of feet to move is totally dispensed with.


  1. Are these made for smaller kids or can teenagers use these too?

    • for all ages

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