Many times we have doubts when it comes to choosing our orbitwheel and finally we get carried away by drawing or color orbit skates, elements that have no real function in use. For this and considering that exists in the market a wide variety of products, I will try to organize some basic ideas that we need to keep in mind when choosing our orbit skate.

I decided, I want a orbit wheel, but … What kind should I buy? This is the first question at the start of all players. A question one way or another everyone is playing has made in its infancy. There are so many brands, many models, many stores, so many things that should not be called … hardly orbit wheel, or buy it with pre-built pieces? … Thousands of questions are at the head of every learner at that time that is this your first table. Well, I’ll try to explain what is important when buying your first orbitwheel.

I guess the first thing you have to be clear is the price of one orbit wheel, one as any of those used by professionals or that uses a standard orbit wheel. Both normal skater as professional use exactly the same materials, and the price ranges between 120 and 150 euros (in Europe), an orbitwheel costing more money is probably because the pieces are very expensive brands (not because this is the best)

But it is forced to buy my first orbit skate in a skateshop? No. skateshops usually always have those prices, and often sell the parts separately, but there are places where they sell orbitwheel from 30 euros, much less quality, like malls. I do not recommend a cheaper orbit wheel 60 euros. It is when you are ready to save and buy better now.

Now that you are clear to choose your own orbitwheel. and only a few classes of orbitwheel left to learn both initiation and more complex tricks. How do you think about it? Join us now!

orbit wheel

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