If you arr a skater or thinking about becoming one, purchasing an orbit wheel might just be your next project. The orbit wheel has greater advantages and benefits compared to inline skates and skateboards. The benefits of orbit wheel skates are more than just a quick ride home. Some of these benefits and advantages include;

More Freedom in Movement
Unlike a skateboard which has the front and the real wheels connected, the orbit wheel is operated individually by both feet. This will means that you will get to maneuver faster and at the same time avoid any potholes on the sidewalk without affecting both feet. The fact that each wheel is operated individually means better tricks and split second judgement where it matters.

Great on most terrains
Other benefits of the orbit wheel skates are the fact that it can be used on most terrains. You do not have to be on the side walk or on a smooth tarmac. It is very much usable even on rough terrains though not as fast as sidewalks. The orbit wheel is made of a hard plastic wheel thus making it ideal for some of these hard terrains.

Light and easy to carry
The orbit wheel skates are easy to carry around since it ways much less than the average skateboards or inline skates. This will be very much be helpful if you are a student or do not ride on them alot. On top of this, they are much easy to handle and move around with.

Easy to Learn
If you are a beginner, orbit wheel is for you. They are much easy to master and require less energy and effort when you have mastered them. It takes alot less time learning how to ride on them compared to rollerblades or skateboards.

One of the great benefits of orbit wheel is the great stability. Once you have place your foot between the wheels, that’s it. You will not have to worry about pushing off the ground as the back and forth movement of your feet will handle that.

These are some of the great benefits of orbit wheel compared to other of its genre. They are much more easy to handle not to mention cool looking. They also come in differen colors.

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