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Orbit wheels are almost like skateboards and inline skates, but offers more freedom and simplicity than either of the two. The design involves two wheels, and a footrest in the middle. They are designed for use with two feet, giving you unlimited capabilities to different tricks and maneuvers which can be as creative as your imagination.

orbit wheel

The Superiority of Orbit Wheel

Each wheel around each footrest rotates sideways to give the user momentum. Orbit wheels are simple to use compared to skateboards and inline skates. Once you have placed your foot on the foot rest, then you are ready to go. Orbit wheel does not require strapping and the wheels are moved by a sideways motion of the feet. Once your orbit wheel is in motion, then you’ll move as if you are on skateboard, with your effort being the back and forth movement of the feet on the sideways. The main advantage in terms of efficiency and portability, is the ability of the wheel being large enough to be used on a sidewalk and ground terrain and at the same time being thin enough to be carried around easily without the need of folding them down.

orbit wheel

Wave-like Propulsion

Here’s no need to fuss with buckles and velcro closure systems –– just slip your feet into the stirrups on each hoop and skate away.
A connecting band accessory that attaches between the two individual wheels makes learning easy. After you have mastered the wave-like propulsion, you can remove the band for more freedom and range of movement.

orbit wheel

New Inline Skating Sport Concept

Don’t get rid of your real inline skates, but if you want to try skating on a cross between a skateboard and inline skates and don’t mind rolling sideways, these Orbitwheels may be fun for you. Pumping your Orbitwheels is a lot like side surfing on inline or quad skates. These skates are simple.

Orbit Wheel Skates

Fun Experience

Orbit-wheel provide fun and alternative wheeled transportation in portable, convenient skates.
Just slip your feet through the stirrups with your shoes on, position your feet properly and you can glide around sideways.
Orbitwheels are self-propelled by each rider’s wave-like side surfing motion, so the need to push off the ground every few feet to get moving is completely eliminated.
The Orbit Wheel concept is basic, and as the wheels whirl around your feet, it’s up to each user to create tricks and maneuvers for this new type of skate.

orbit wheel

New Concept

These Orbitwheel skates aren’t quite rollerblades, they aren’t quite skateboards and they aren’t quite a trip to the emergency room, but they’re pretty close to all three. They’re essentially wheels that you slip your feet through the middle of, letting you scoot around sideways until you go over a curb or a rut and end up on the ground. They’re available now for a kind-of-ludicrous price of $99.99 if you’re so inclined, but with more freedom and simplicity than either, the Orbitwheel is a brand new concept for wheeled sports.

orbit wheel